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KEEPEARS and AVAtronics launch the Quietest Earbuds on Earth :


July 21 2022, 00:55

Aviation pilots and professionals working in extremely noisy environments now have access to hearing protection and communication solutions that are able to reduce noise levels by up to 55 decibels.

Two Swiss startups, KeepEars and AVAtronics have announced the successful prototype test and launch of the quietest earbuds on earth, able to be used as hearing protection and communications systems in extreme noisy environments, effectively canceling signals in a wide range of frequencies.

The project leverages AVAtronics’ unique active noise cancelling technology, enabling KeepEars to offer high-quality hearing communications and protection systems in the form of personalized earbuds. These personalized ANC earbuds will now be tested in the field by professionals.

“Providing the highest performance hearing systems that meet the most demanding requirements of operational personnel working in extreme environments such as aviation, land forces, and civil security is part of the DNA of the KeepEars team. KeepEars has one of the best performing passive hearing protection systems on the market, and the AVAtronics technology will bring the development of an ANC with the highest levels achievable to date. With the integration of AVAtronics’ technology and know-how in our systems, we are proud to bring to our users the highest levels of acoustic performance with unprecedented levels of attenuation achieved to date,” says Yannick Hellec, CEO of KeepEars.

A Lausanne-based Swiss startup with the ambition of “making the world a quieter place for everyone,” AVAtronics has developed a unique wideband ANC technique, which benefits from deep Neural Network techniques to adapt the ANC system to the environmental noise or specific application scenario. AVAtronics uses a totally different approach from all the current adaptive ANC techniques used for earbuds, and as a result, it’s enabling earbuds and headphones manufacturers to approach the market with wideband ANC devices that work optimally in any noisy environment.

“Making the quietest earbuds and headphones in the world has been our goal from the start. Now, using amazingly well designed and personalized devices from KeepEars, we are happy to enable individuals who work in extremely noisy environments with a comfortable hearing protection solution that can reduce the noise level by at least 30dB, and up to 55dB at all frequencies higher than 100Hz. These are the ultimate ultrawideband ANC earbuds,” adds Jeyran Hezaveh, CEO of AVAtronics. 

AVAtronics already implemented its wideband ANC technology in multiple technology platforms commonly used for earbuds and headphones with the capability to run sophisticated processing algorithms in real time. “Our team continues to develop our AI enriched wideband ANC technology and is able to provide earbuds and headphone manufacturers with a versatile ANC solution that works in different noise environments,” she adds.

KeepEars is a company based in Allschwil, Switzerland, that develops, designs, manufactures, distributes, and maintains hearing solutions for extreme environments, and especially to the field of civil and military aviation. For these latter applications, its hearing systems dedicated to flying crew prevent any risks of hearing loss while ensuring a perfect and optimal intelligibility in air operations. They also improve the human performance and comfort of the pilots in flight operations. KeepEars aims to deliver the best hearing systems adapted to different operational environments while considering that each human ear is unique in the world in dimensions and auditory perception.

For further information and enquiries:
AVAtronics contact: Jeyran Hezaveh, Co-Founder and CEO: Email 
KEEPEARS contact: Yannick Hellec, Founder and CEO: Email


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