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Meet the highest requirements of civilian and military operators

KEEPEARS develops, designs, manufactures, distributes, and maintains hearing solutions for civil and military aviation personnel

Our range of solutions includes single and dual hearing systems, as well as hearing protections, all adapted to the helmets and headsets on the market.

Our hearing systems dedicated to aircraft & helicopter pilots prevent from any risks of hearing loss while ensuring a perfect and optimal intelligibility in air operations. It also improves the physical condition of the pilots in flight operations.

The KEEPEARS systems operate in the extreme conditions that are met during the flights

It is compliant with all known relevant civil and military requirements. The company and its equipment are NATO classified.

The User Experience and the close relationships between KEEPEARS Team and customers ensure product excellence in operations, today and tomorrow.

Qualified and chosen by several Air Forces, civil security entities, aircrafts & helicopters manufacturers, and helmets manufacturers.

Associated Services

KEEPEARS products are associated with a very high quality of services which are every day experienced by each of the customer-user : pilots, equipment officers, test pilots, ground staff, if such is the case.

Our organization adapts to each customer in order to meet its criteria of user volume, organization, support staff, training, maintenance in operational condition while keeping the values and the quality of the company’s products and services.


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