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Research & Development

Innovation is at the heart of our development activity

The KEEPEARS team perfectly knows how to listen to each customer

Understanding the need is the foundation for the design of our hearing solutions, whatever the strategic segment.
The Innovation in Technology and Service is lead in order to fit the day to day customer needs, including :

  • Ergonomics
  • Easiness to use
  • New harsh environments
  • Complex communication systems
  • Traceability of users’ experience
  • Traceability of users’ requests

KEEPEARS conducts an ambitious worldwide deployment, meaning a systematic patenting strategy

Extreme noise occur in numerous environment

Special forces, police are highly demanding hearing protections and intelligibility. Explosions, riots, crowds generate dangerous situations. Therefore relevant protective devices must be engineered.

We design devices facing the worst conditions

High-performance equipment, adapted to the worst conditions encountered by soldiers.

Sports Racing

Huge noises due to more and more powerful engines combined with high risks of fire are experienced in sport racing.

Increasingly complex industrial situations

Hazardous environments in the presence of toxic substances, random noises with peculiar acoustic spectra… Guarantee in all cases a perfect reciprocal understanding and awareness is the requirement.


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